Well, that was short lived. Back!

I wanted to do a quick prompt before bed, which stinks because I’ve been good (for all two posts) about doing the prompts in order and not choosing them. So basically, forcing myself to write about whatever prompt shows up. Here’s one that I can definitely finish in 15 or so minutes.

Write a letter to the 10-year-old child you had been…

Hey little G,

It’s amazing how much more than you I know. I guess I should offer you some advice. I definitely don’t have any regrets – I love the way my life is, love how everything has turned out. I think you’ll grow up to be a fine young man. Actually, not to get cocky or anything, but I think you’ll grow up to be much more than that, because being a fine young man is the last thing I want to be and the last thing that I think I am. I aspire to be much greater than that, and I know you aren’t thinking that right now. You won’t be thinking that in five years, and maybe not even in ten, but somewhere in that eleventh or twelfth year, you’re gonna have this realization that this world is going to be your stomping ground, and that you’re going to change lives. Anyway, here’s some tips that you should be aware of in the coming years:

1. Hang out with Brian way more. He’s going to turn out to be one of your best friends, so you might as well start early since you share a room with him. He’s really not as annoying as you think, and he turns out to be a pretty cool guy when he wants to be. Take care of him too, because he really looks up to you.

2. Don’t be afraid to talk to girls. You’re gonna grow up and realize that they’re all going to be your best friends because you won’t be as comfortable talking to guys as you are with them. That girl Susan is going to be your best friend someday, so start talking to her now instead of just walking off by yourself at swim team practices.

3. I know you hate baseball, but stick with it. You’re gonna end up wishing you had played it a little bit longer anyway.

4. Mom and Dad end up respecting you, so just deal with the bs for now. I know they’re bossy and put a lot of pressure on you, but that’s the only way they know how to love you, so you have to love them back. They’re going to end up relying on you and missing you, so don’t shut them out when you’re around 13 or 14.

5. Practice your saxophone more. It’s hard to find that motivation to play scales and things like that all the time, and you definitely don’t want to play the same 2nd alto part over and over again, but you’ll find more stuff to play when you get older, so master those things now. Ask Mom to get you a saxophone teacher again, because you’re going to miss it a ton when you graduate college, and you’ll want to be able to speak the jazz language way better when you get there.

6. It sucks that Mom and Dad don’t let you play video games on the weekdays, but that’ll turn out okay. Play outside with Brian more, and maybe venture off to those kids across the street. Talk to Jeremy and JR and even that weird white kid, Kenny. You won’t regret it; trust me.

7. Be more creative. Write more stories. Read more books. Ha! As if you could actually read more books! Maybe get a jump start on Harry Potter. I know, it seems weird because only the weird kids are reading it, but it’s gonna turn out to be one of your favorite series.

8. I guess most of my advice is boiled into this: don’t waste your time frivoling around. You’re going to end up pursuing things that you’ll never have dreamed of pursuing. Instead of waiting to take that next step, take it now. It’s a long highway to success, so get a couple miles of head start. Start reading about poker sooner; start studying music sooner; start watching football and playing fantasy sports sooner; start focusing on school sooner, and only focus on what you really love – the rest will just fall into place. Focus on friendships sooner, relationships sooner. These things mean nothing to you now, but they will.

9. Lastly, get the hell out of your comfort zone. It’s going to help you grow in more ways than you can ever imagine.


Your older, wiser, 22-year-old self.


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