Behind her, the noise escalated…

Behind her, the noise escalated…

These are all from, btw.

Behind her, the noise escalated, so she ran into her room and shut the door. This was the third time this week, she cried in her head, and wasn’t it only Wednesday? It was so hard to keep track of the days. Let’s see. On Monday, they had learned addition with the number 2. Tuesday, she had gotten all of the words right on her “100 Important Words to Know” quiz when all of her friends had trouble saying the word “were.” She was so proud of herself! But they weren’t proud of her at all. It’s like they didn’t even notice that she was there. They just continued yelling and yelling, and she just kept hiding from it.

She turned on the little TV in her room.Arthur was on. Oh D.W., don’t you know how I feel? Let’s trade lives. I’ll take your annoying older brother, and you can have my mean parents. They’re just so… mean!

Something broke. She heard something break. She crept slowly towards the door and opened it just a crack. The room flooded with sounds of her mother yelling about money and broken dishes and all of these things she was only beginning to understand. She clutched Bear’s hand and offered a comforting word. It’ll be okay. It’ll be okay. They’ll come, whoever they are, they’ll come for us, Bear, and they’ll take us away, and we’ll go to a real family, and things will be fun all of the time, and happy, and we’ll be just like D.W., my life, it’ll be just like D.W.’s!

Bear cast an all-knowing glance at her. Stop it, Bear! He asked too many questions. Are you sure you aren’t talking to yourself, Elsie? Aren’t you getting too old for dreams like that, Elsie? Would you like another sugar with your tea, Elsie? She threw Bear across the room. He was too smart for his own good! Mommy and Daddy said to never talk back, and Bear ALWAYS talked back! He was starting to be a meanie, just like them.

She cried. She could always trust Bear. What was going on? Why am I losing you too, Bear? She stared into his lifeless eyes. His behavior at their tea party games was becoming worse and worse. Snarky, rude, and he almost never wanted to gossip about the neighbors. What should I do, Bear? She walked over to Bear and cradled him in her arms, draining her atmosphere of the din beyond the door. Bear motioned for her to sit, and they waited. They waited for something to happen.


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