The Inaugural Post

Intial thoughts: Still getting a feel of the site and the interface, but I’m liking WordPress much more than any blogging platform I’ve seen so far. Also, creative writing is so much harder than I remember. Here is the first prompt, as per

Close your eyes briefly. Think about one object that’s in the room and focus on it. Without opening your eyes, recall as much detail as you can about it. After three minutes or so, open your eyes and write about that object without looking at it.

Here goes nothing…

Black wood had always had a certain attraction to him. He’d always appreciated those dark coffee tables or dressers that he had seen in his girlfriend’s design and decor magazines, and this bookshelf was no different. Functional and fashionable, she’d always say, but he was always more interested in the function and she in the latter. However, he was enthused by this purchase because it fit perfectly with the black wooden bed frame, and he longed for a library when he grew up to be a real person.

it stood out from the bookshelf he had when he was in college; the old one was metal framed with black wooden shelves, but it was cheap and immature. This one had an air of sophistication about it. He wanted to fill it with volumes of classics and modern favorites, but it needed to be used in other ways as well – family photos, storage for the unused yarn, a lamp stand, and much more, but only one shelf for books. When did life become so complicated? When did books become the least important thing on their bookshelf?

It was no different than the other things that were moving so fast in his life. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. And at the expense of what exactly? He loved efficiency, even in the stupid hobbies he had adopted over the years. Yeah, he might have been playing poker or reading online journals about fantasy sports, but he’d be damned if he wasn’t doing it efficiently. He never realized that speed and instant gratification were that important to him, but growing up in the 21st century, how could it not be? He lived in an age where speed was everything; concentration and focus needed to be honed to finish tasks with ease and timeliness. Yet, he struggled with this when it came to school. It had always come easy to him, for years, since he was born even. But it was becoming harder than ever, fighting through the constant grind of mulling through textbooks, grading thousands of papers a week, and for what? What was that goal again?

He missed the black wood in his life, the beauty in simplicity. Those minutes of sitting with the drone of a ceiling fan, or the dull commentary of the day’s sports highlights with the volume turned so low, you almost couldn’t hear it over the clicking of his keys. Sitting back and firing up four poker tables online, or maybe reading a blog about the new directions Apple would be taking on their e-textbooks. And really, what was simple about that anyway? But it was relaxing. Exploring life and interests and thinking about how nice it’d be to do this forever.

But like everything, there was theory and practice. There was imagination, and there was reality. Really, he just wanted to be a kid forever, to be able to constantly and freely explore his world and indulge in the simplicity of things. How wonderful it would be to fill that black bookshelf with books he’d read in his life, constantly reading them over and over and finding deeper meanings each time, adding one or two books a decade and immersing himself fully in literary experiences.

No, there were papers to grade and textbooks to mull through, and there were dishes to wash and job interviews and appearances to keep. Dreams, aspirations, they were for another time. They were for a different Sunday, a different March, a different winter. They were never for now.

He grabbed the keys off the bookshelf and headed to work.

Post-Writing Thoughts: Wow, when did I adopt that dry tone? Is the writing still engaging, despite the tone? Is it engaging at all? The prompt was really hard to follow – I found myself looking at the item once every couple of minutes, and I was definitely too lazy to get up and turn the TV off, so the glanced at the SB highlights every few minutes as well, but I remained focused. It’s so hard to not revise in your mind while writing. All in all, I think it was a good start to this project!