Is it as honest as you can make it?

Words to write by. I was inspired to write an honest poem after reading a student poem out of Kirby and Liner’s Inside Out, a book about teaching writing to adolescents. Tried to really capture the overwhelming insecurity and joy of a first kiss. Here goes nothing:

First Kiss
My lip just twitched. Did my lip just twitch?
It’s twitching. Oh God. It’s dark.
Maybe she won’t notice.
Maybe her lip is twitching, too,
And I just don’t notice.
Wait, where are you going?
Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow then.
Wow, that was smooth, wasn’t it?
Did she see my lip twitch? Did she like it?
She wasn’t smiling. I can’t stop smiling.
Oh God. I look like such an idiot. What was that?
Aren’t there supposed to be fireworks?
I don’t see them, but it feels like they’re there,
Like oompa loompas pogo sticking their way around my face.
My cheeks hurt from smiling. What was that?
Maybe we’ll do it again, soon.
Maybe she’ll smile next time.